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Get your PastPort stamped at WSH!
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Saturday, September 01, 2018
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Celebrating Alabama's Bicentennial

W. S. Harlan Elementary School is now an Alabama Bicentennial PastPort stamp location.  Whether you are a resident of Covington County seeking your local stamp or a state traveler in search of all 67 county stamps, you can stop by the WSH office and get a keepsake for your PastPort.  If you need a PastPort book, you can purchase one for $10 at and start your own bicentennial adventure.

Message from Principal Joy Colvin:

“We are thrilled to have this opportunity to share our school and its history with others.  When they walk through these doors for their stamp, they are walking into the oldest active schoolhouse in Covington County.  We hope this will not only make visitors from all over our state aware of this community but also reinforce the sense of pride we hope we are instilling in our students.  Each school day they pass by a historical marker placed by the Alabama Historical Association and an auditorium and field dedicated to teachers who served this school for many years.  History and service are important to us, and we just want to share that as much as we can.”

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